P158T 4-8kW


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Calore Spec Sheet – P158T

Introducing the Piazzetta P158T Pellet Fireplace, the perfect blend of style and efficiency. With its cast-iron and steel finish, available in Bianco, Black, or Bordeaux, this high-quality pellet stoveĀ from the Piazzetta brand of Italy is sure to complement any decor while delivering exceptional heating performance.

Featuring a nominal consumption of 0.6-1.9 kg/h and a nominal efficiency of 89.2%, the Piazzetta P158T Pellet Fireplace delivers a nominal output of 8 kW, with an adjustable power range of 3.9-8 kW, providing customizable heating options for rooms up to 250m3. Its four power levels and optional remote control make it easy to use and customise to your needs.

Designed for your convenience, via the patented multifire system the hot air generated by the fireplace is ductable up to 8m and has a rear flue exit with a flue diameter of 80/100mm, making it easy to install in any living Its removeable ash tray and clean glass airflow system make maintenance a breeze, while its energy-saving mode ensures that it is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Nominal Kw Output 12
Output Range 4-12
Nominal Efficiency 90.7
Brand Piazzetta
Smart Class Smart Plus
Fuel Type Pellet
Body Steel
Power Consumption
During Startup 325W (Only for the first 15 min)
During Operation 50-85W


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Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 52.5 × 54 × 109 cm

Black, Red, White

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